Windows 7 Hysteria

29 10 2008

So, news of Windows 7 hits the internets and the tech sites go wild.

Why this obsession with yet another OS, when Vista still has barely bedded in? It seems that people have got use to Vista now – there are hardly any articles produced these days about the woes of Vista, most now are just about the usual tips, tricks and hacks you can do to it to make it work how we want. Funny that, I am sure the same thing happened when XP was first released (everybody freaking about the lack of driver support and all the new features people hated, now though, people love it for its stability and the way you can hack it).

I’m not saying MS shouldn’t develop new versions, but I wish the tech world would just relax a little bit and wait for the RCs, as opposed to desperately hunt out anything new. This to me is the problem with the tech industry, new is always better, even if in many cases it aint.




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