Why do commercial blogs advocate stealing

30 10 2008

One thing that really vexes me are the tech blogs that freely post stories about how to rip copy-protected DVDs or illegally save music from music sites or that list ways to get hold of MP3s.

down with DRM

down with DRM

Now, we all want free stuff and the good news is, there is a lot of free stuff out there – free pictures, free music from new artists, free software, heck, even free operating systems. All of them legal and completely free. So why do people feel the need to steal stuff as well. And yes, however you may like to argue it, copying friends music and films and downloading music streams IS stealing. You do not own the media, you did not pay for it, so you are stealing it.

The sad problem with the influx of technology is that people have lost contact with what goes into producing something. They forget about IP. Artists who make a song deserve to profit from that song or not, if they so choose. But we as their fans have no right to steal their music just because it is in MP3 format and we aren’t stealing a CD so what’s wrong?

And to top it all off, tech blogs go on posting ways to do this, when these very same blogs depend upon advertising revenue and the capitalist system. You can be damn sure that these blogs will never post a way to circumvent advertising revenues, or how to steal someone’s advertising clicks and they are pretty unlikely to post any advertising blockers 😉 Kinda smacks of hypocrisy if you ask me.

Music, films and software that are not free should not be stolen.




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