An excellent free multiplayer game

3 11 2008

There are many great games out there for both PC and console, but there aren’t as many great free ones. This was all changed with the release of Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory; commonly referred to as ET. ET is a WWII-themed multiplayer first person shooter (FPS). There is no single-player mode, but this is no bad thing, since the multiplayer mode is truly exceptional.

ET screenie

ET screenie

You join either the axis or the allies, and then choose a class: either Soldier, Medic, Engineer, Field Ops or Covert Ops. Each class has certain unique abilities (Soldiers can use extra-powerful weapons, Medics can revive and heal, Engineers can destroy and repair objectives, Field Ops can call airstrikes and give ammo and Covert Ops can disguise themselves as the enemy). Each map typically has an objective that has to be completed by one of the teams, or sometimes each team has an objective to complete.

ET screenie

ET screenie

All the game servers are hosted by clans or individuals, meaning they often come with a ready-made community. Despite the game being released in 2003, it is still very popular and has a cult following amongst its regular players.

I play only on one server, those provided by the Buffalo Bad Ass (BBA) clan (of which I am a member). They are generally ranked number one amongst all the ET servers, and are known for having a good friendly bunch of players on.

If you like FPS and multiplayer games, I highly recommend you get your hands on this excellent free game. Head on over to the BBA forums if you need any help to get started, and don’t be put off if you get killed a lot when you first start. We were all noobs once.

The first link below gives you a download for the original installer, it is then worth installing the two additional patches that are also linked.

ET download
Update 1
Update 2




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