Simple backups in Ubuntu

3 11 2008

So, I was trying to find a decent way to carry out backups on my Ubuntu server. After trying and failing with many many different packages available from the Ubuntu repositories (keep, sbackup, backuppc) I came across rsback.

Rsback uses the highly recommended program rsync to make backups. It is basically a script for rsync that you need to add certain configurations to, to set up different backup jobs. It is set up in such a way as to perform incremental backups that occur daily and weekly – ensuring you always have a nice historical record of your files.

After messing around with so many other options, I found it the best option and highly recommend it. You need to get down and dirty with a text file configuration, but that is the norm with Ubuntu.

There are ofcourse many Windows options out there.





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20 11 2008
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