Little Big Planet

4 11 2008

I know there are many many many sites, posts and stories about this game, but hey.

Little Big Planet (LBP) is Sony’s lead title for Playstation 3 at the moment and it comes highly praised by many industry experts. You play the character of Sack Boy – a loveable toy person, that you can dress up and modify in many different ways, just like his little room he lives in. LBP’s single player mode is part 2.5D platformer, full of lovely little levels where you collect stickers, items and tools that you can use to decorate your room. It is these items and tools that then go towards the main part of the game, building your own levels. This is the real fun of LBP, you can create your own levels and then share them with other players and friends. People who see LBP as just a platformer are only seeing a very small part of the game. It is the ability to create and share levels which is the real draw and is no-doubt going to lead to loads of amazing creations.



I’ve only played it for about half an hour, but already I have fallen in love with it. The addition of tutorials from Stephen Fry only add to the cuteness. Truly awesome stuff. Lets just hope the fun lasts.




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