PSP awesomeness – Remote Play

9 11 2008

I have owned a Sony PlayStation Portable (PSP) for about two months now and I have to say, it is awesome. Graphics-wise, it is somewhere between a PlayStation and a PlayStation 2 – depending on the game. There is a fairly decent amount of games out there, but it is definitely passed over in favour of the Nintendo DS by game developers, so it certainly isn’t the lead mobile gaming platform. I think this is a great shame, since it is a much more able machine than the DS. In addition to it being a great gaming platform, it also is a media (music and video) player, internet browser (though the browser is limited and doesn’t support the latest version of flash), RSS feed reader and network services provider.

Remote Play

Remote Play

Network services provider? Well, basically, one of the PSP’s best functions is it’s ability to connect to the Playstation3 you own, called Remote Play 😉 Providing your Playstation3 is connected to the internet and you are registered with the PlayStation Network then you can connect your PSP to your Playstation3 from anywhere in the world that you have access to a WiFi network. It can even turn your Playstation3 on, if it is on standby. This then opens you up to all the music and videos you have stored on your Playstation3, as well as allowing you to play any PSOne games you have on your Playstation3, via your PSP.



Things don’t stop there though. If you have PlayTV on your Playstation3 then you can connect to it via Remote Play and, TaDa, you’ve got TV on your PSP! You can do everything that you can normally do through PlayTV on your Playstation3 – watch live TV, pause TV, record TV, set recordings and watch recordings. To me this is such an awesome awesome bonus, I am amazed more isn’t made about it by the gaming people.

It is all terribly easy to set up:

  1. Connect your PSP to your Playstation3 via a USB cable.
  2. Activate the USB connection on your PSP.
  3. Go to Settings > Remote Play on your Playstation3.
  4. Add your PSP as a registered device on your Playstation3.
  5. Disconnect your PSP from your Playstation3.
  6. Go to Remote Play on your PSP’s Network menu.
  7. TaDa.



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