When will techies be satisfied

10 11 2008

So, as more Windows 7 news leaks out and people try out preview builds, the techie naval gazing continues. Windows 7 startup times get analysed, which really is a waste of time considering this is a preview pre-beta build, whilst more features are drooled over, or bashed, depending on your point of view. Meanwhile, as is always the case, people try and adopt the new features of the new OS, only to invariably bash it when it is released because it doesn’t place nice with the hardware they own that was designed before their fancy new OS was released. And there will be the moans that the system requirements are too high and the OS is really unresponsive compared to the last version – of course ignoring the fact that this is an OS designed to cope with hardware for the next five years.

navel gazing

navel gazing

And, as normal, reviews will concentrate on form, not function.




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