So, how should you trackback

11 11 2008

I try to trackback to posts I am commenting on properly, but not all blogs offer a trackback URL, so I post a link to my post in the comments.

Seems like this pissed some one off, since they wrote a comment (ooh, my first!!) telling me to stop spamming! Not very helpful, since it didn’t say what I was spamming, but I guess it was my comments on other posts.

So, how are you meant to trackback when there are no trackbacks?

Turns out it was my attempt at trackbacking on the lifehacker site, that got a vitriolic response from some liefehacker readers. Ok, so, it was my bad for not writing an actual comment alongside my comment trackback, but still, give a blogger a break. After all, blogs live and die by trackbacks and linking to each other, that is all I was trying to do. Guess I wont bother in future. Jeesh, some people do love to troll. For future ref, refer to here when wanting to trackback.

It seems the best thing to do is, if there is no trackback link, then too bad. If there is a trackback link, then add that to the bottom of your page when blogging in wordpress (in the ‘write’ page). Remember of course, that wordpress automatically trackbacks to other wordpress blogs, so even if the blog doesn’t provide a trackback link, you might be in luck.

If you don’t follow these rules, then beware the internets’ wrath. For those I offended, sorry, naughty me, it wont happen again 😉




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