How to update Windows Vista style

28 11 2008

I am usually a big fan of Windows Vista, it seems to work really well. However, there are some aspects of it that seem, well, so half arsed.

For example, this morning, Vista was moaning at me that it had some updates to install, but as I had some work to do, I clicked on the Postpone button. Ten minutes later up popped the reminder again and I clicked on Postpone again, but this time selected 4 hours. Obviously Vista didn’t like this, because, ten minutes later, up popped a command prompt, all my programs closed (giving me no time to save) and Vista logged off to install updates…….and then it BSOD….nice one Microsoft 😉

After an automatic restart, a few seconds of some weird looking command prompt view, Vista loaded in Safe Mode and it informed me it had suffered an unexpected shutdown and that updates had failed to install. Hmm, you don’t say.




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