A touch interface for Windows Mobile

Ever since the iPhone came out, all Windows Mobile users have felt a little bit left out.  I have always been a little bit mystified that even though PDAs have had touch interfaces for the past five years, it took the iPhone for developers to realise you could use your fingers to interact with a device.

Taking this on board, a software developer called Pointui introduced a user interface (actually a home screen plugin) for Windows Mobile devices in 2008, called Home. It was generally a good little app that gave access to weather forecasts, your appointments, applications and contacts.

Well, the developers have recently released details of Home 2 and from the looks of posts on their website, it seems they have been working closely with Microsoft and hardware manufacturers like HTC in the development of the next version of Windows Mobile.

Here is a video of a development version of Home 2 running on an HTC Diamond apparently itis an Xperia.

Finally us Windows Mobile users will be able to feel a little smug around those iPhone users (and you can already try out the original version of Home to whet your appetite).


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