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18 03 2009

So, after messing around with ZoneMinder for a few weeks, I finally gave up. I then decided to try out motion instead, which I had heard a lot about, but largely ignored because it didn’t have a fancy website or nice looking web GUI.

Oh how wrong I was. Motion is so much better than ZoneMinder, I am sorry to say. It has a very basic web interface, allowing you to start and stop motion detection and view a live stream from one camera at a time. However, it really beats ZoneMinder into a cocked hat when you look at support for webcams. I had so many problems getting my webcams working in ZoneMinder, but in motion, you just tell it your video device locations (/dev/video0 etc) and off it goes.

There are some additional php packages out there allowing you to create webcam stream montages and view previous alerts created by motion. Although all configuration is done via a text config file, the file is well laid out and well commented and thus easy to understand.

I would highly recommend motion over ZoneMinder and am using it now as my main geek project. I am thus updating my bluetooth script to work with motion and will post the new version soon.




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10 06 2011

What about the methodology used in detection in both? which is better?

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