27 03 2009


I just dont get some people.

Why do people love Apple and the iPhone so much. Ok, granted, it is a clever use of of a UI, but apart from that, it does NOTHING that many other phones can do. The phone itself has been so oversold and it so under-delivers. Everyone knows the huge flaws of the device (copy/paste, battery issues, push email, dropped calls) but people still talk about it like it is the best thing ever made.

Then, Apple has the gall to release OS 3.0, for which users have to pay for, that introduces features that all other phones have by default (copy/past and bluetooth) and people actually think Apple is doing them a favour!!

WAKE UP AND SMELL THE COFFEE, Apple is taking you all for a ride and the SAFB lap it up and ask for more, whilst at the same time slagging off MS because, hey, why not.

Apple have done some great things with shaking up the Mobile Telecomms world, but it also does some terrible things as well (err, marketing the iPod as if it can hold 160GB of songs when in actual fact it can only hold around 140GB).

SAFB forget that MS invested in Apple in the first place, without Bill, Steve’s company probobly wouldn’t exist, remember that next time you criticise MS.

All I am asking is that the hero worship of Apple is just toned down a bit.



How ironic, Google Adsense whacks an iPhone add beneath this article!! Awesome work google. Reader, please click away for some super dooper irony 😉




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