Microsoft’s I’m not cool enough for a Mac Awesomeness

31 03 2009

So, Microsoft’s new add that highlights how much more expensive a Mac is compared to a similarly specced Windows PC has caused a lot of comment, on Zdnet for example.

It makes a good point and it is very amusing reading the SAFB writing in comments to defend Mac.

The truth of the Mac matter is, due to its price, Macs are set at a price point that only people with a high disposable income can afford them. Buying one shows that you earn a decent amount of money and care enough about outside appearances that you want to own a laptop that ‘looks cool.’ Most of the comments I have read about current Mac owners wanting to upgrade to a new Mac talk about the newer Mac ‘looking cooler’ and even Apple’s own advert on TV for its most recent Mac book talks about how it looks amazing (milled out of one piece of metal with a glass screen etc.), in fact it makes no mention of if it has any performance improvements at all.

If you ask me, the reason SAFB get so angry about defending their precious products, it is because deep down, they feel a little guilty that they have spent so much money on what is the laptop equivalent of buying a big red Ferrari.




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