Backup Backup Backup – Updated

So, my main storage drive failed yesterday. Admitedly I have been having problems with it over the past few months, with fsck throwing errors on reboot, but yesterday it totally died. One minute it was happily sharing my music out via samba, the next, everything had gone 😦 Luckily, I run a good backup solution, so all I had to do was get myself a new drive (upgrading to 1TB in the process) and copy over my backed up files.

Simple, but if I wasn’t running my backup solution, I would have been screwed – bye bye to my music, photos and work files.

Thank you rsback and rsync….


What is even more awesome, is that since Linux regards everything as a file (so all drives are effectively referred to as files (via the UUID) in Linux (in my case Ubuntu)) swapping out a drive with a new one is very simple. I just updated /etc/fstab with the UUID of the new drive, and then copied over my backed up files to it.

As far as Ubuntu is now concerned, it is the same drive, now only bigger. So all my samba shares and rsync folders all work as before.

God I love Linux.

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