How To Fix Synergy+ Problems in Ubuntu and Windows

I use the excellent Synergy+ program to share my mouse and keyboard between my Windows XP box and my Ubuntu Lucid box. However, since upgrading to Lucid, I was having all types of problems with the versions of synergy and synergy-plus in the repos (mainly around use of CAPS and Shift being permanently on). Upgrading to the latest nightly builds seem to have fixed this, but there were a few install issues that needed to be sorted.

I got the .deb package for Ubuntu and the Windows installer from the Google Code hosted Synergy+ nightly build page, found here. The .deb package installed with no problems, as did the Windows installer. However, the Windows program wouldn’t load, it had lots of missing .dlls errors.

The missing dlls are libgcc_s_dw2-1.dll, QtCore4.dll, QtGui4.dll and QtNetwork4.dll. A quick Google led me to loads of issues related to various QtXXXX4.dll problems that are seemingly mostly fixed by installing EA’s Download Manager (since most of the posters were having Sims3 issues (nice one EA!)) or some awful bloat-ware that claimed to scan your PC’s registry. Errr, no thanks to that, downloading random dlls is dangerous. So, I went to the source for the dlls; Qt from Nokia. Download the most recent version (you don’t need the SDK) from here and choose LGPL and Qt: Framework only and install the package (it is rather huge at over 200MB, but hey ho).  Once installed, navigate to this folder “C:Qt4.6.3bin” (the version number might be different if it gets updated, but just find the bin folder) and copy the four missing dlls to here: “C:Program FilesSynergy+bin” (the location ‘may’ be different on Vista and Windows 7.

So, to recap. Copy:

libgcc_s_dw2-1.dll, QtCore4.dll, QtGui4.dll and QtNetwork4.dll

From “C:Qt4.6.3bin”

To “C:Program FilesSynergy+bin”.

Finally, you can now run Synergy+, configure it if need be (though since I was running an older version of Synergy, my configs were already setup) and off you go. No more issue (hopefully:))!

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