XBMC Ubuntu Minimal Maverick Install Script

1 01 2011

As a little New Year’s present, I have updated a script that has been knocking around to allow you to install XBMC on a minimal version of Ubuntu Maverick.

If you simply install Ubuntu from the mini.iso containing the basic Ubuntu Maverick install, then on reboot, download my script using:

wget http://www.prupert.co.uk/scripts/xbmcmaverickrevo.sh

make it executable, using:

chmod a+x xbmcmaverickrevo.sh

then finally run it using:

sudo ./xbmcmaverickrevo.sh

I find it is best to run it again, once the script reboots the machine, as this fixes a few issues.

It is still a work in progress, as you can’t yet shutdown / restart etc via XBMC since it seems the method to add permissions in Ubuntu 10.10 have changed and they conflict with the setup here, so I am still looking into that. To shutdown / reboot at the moment, I log in via SSH and issue:

sudo shutdown -hP now

Also, it is designed to work just with the Acer Aspire Revo 3610, but there is no reason why it wont work with any other device (apart from maybe the audio configurations).


Download It Here




9 responses

6 01 2011
Vincent Bernat

A quick note about your script: you could replace multiple echo >> /etc/asound.conf by:

cat < /etc/asound.conf
pcm.!default {
type plug
slave {


6 01 2011
Vincent Bernat

A quick note about your script: you could replace multiple echo >> /etc/asound.conf by:

cat <<EOF > /etc/asound.conf
pcm.!default {
type plug
slave {


20 02 2011

Hi there,

Tried your script, but just get an unusable system displaying repeated lines of “Authentication failure”. tried rebooting but just end up in the same place. Any suggestions?

1 03 2011

Hmm, that is odd, not seen that before as I have run the script twice, once on a Revo 3610 and once on a virtual machine and both worked.

However, I never did get the whole Power Management issue fixed, so I am thinking I just gonna install full Ubuntu 10.4 and then XBMC ontop of it and set it to autostart. Not very elegant but a lot less hacky..

10 04 2011

How did you get 10,10 to work on the Acer Revo? I thought it was unsupported. I get only a flashing cursor.

13 04 2011

I have installed HAL, and in terminal i have setted:
chmod +s /sbin/reboot
chmod +s /sbin/shutdown

Now those function work properly on maverick.


26 08 2011

How compatible is this with Lucid? I took a look at the script and don’t see anything specific to Maverick.

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