What A Crazy 48 Hours

Well, that was fun. Interviewed by the BBC, got featured on BBC One (though crazy early at around 7am) and then on BBC News 24 twice. In-depth article on the BBC news website which makes the front of the Technology section (as a feature on the side) and then it makes the Home page as the most shared article and the second most read! Then get interviewed live on local radio and finally have a news agency come and take some photos and do another interview. Madness! All because of a blog post I wrote two years ago.

Many people have said I should try to cash in on this, but as others have pointed out, what I have done here isn’t rocket science, it isn’t complex, but I guess what is different is that I took the time to write about it and I plan to explain how to do it in non-techy speak. I also hope to write up a more detailed version, which will take time and I might charge a tiny amount for it, but that would simply be due to the time taken to write it up and because it would contains some code and scripts that I have created myself.

Kudos to WordPress for handling the server load. I use to host this site on my own sever at home, which would have melted by now!

I guess normality will resume tomorrow, but it was fun whilst it lasted. 

2 thoughts on “What A Crazy 48 Hours

  1. Great Stuff!!

    I just found your article on the BBC and immediately showed my partner… She was in total disbelief that there are two of us out there!!

    I did exactly the same thing as you with two Foscam & Tenvis IP cameras earlier this year. My son Jack is now 10 months old. These IP cameras are very cheap yet still very effective. The cheapest being the Tenvis which was about £30 from Ebay and had done the trick, being very similar firmware to the Foscam.
    Neither are the best quality image but well worth it. The IP CAM Viewer free on Android Market didn’t support audio too well on the Tenvis, but the pro version works just fine.
    I’m good with web development (PHP etc) but I’ve never developed an app for any market place… It would be great if someone out there could develop an app especially for the purpose of baby monitoring, with alerts when ‘high or low’ sound monitoring etc.
    The tenvis/foscam cameras are great in themselves but let’s be honest are tricky to set-up for a novice, especially with port forwarding etc, ddns or static IP for external viewing.
    Disguising a camera as a toy or teddy wouldn’t be too much of a problem to ‘baby-fi’ the camera, a pre-configured multi-purpose Andriod tablet/viewer would be beneficial too.

    I’d love to now how you get on!

  2. If you read some of my older attempts, you’ll see I did initially hide a camera inside a toy pig, but it looked pretty freaky and I decided to just have the camera in plain sight.

    A bespoke baby monitor app would be cool with these cameras, if it provided more baby specific things, I am amazed no one has done it yet to be honest!

    Yeah, the set-up isn’t the easiest thing in the world, but I think with clear instructions most people can do it themselves.

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