Bluetooth controlled motion start-up script

So, after messing with ZoneMinder and creating a bluetooth script for it, I am now messing with motion instead, and have modified the script accordingly. For kicks, I have hosted it on google code 😉 It also details a fix for the problem with motion on Ubuntu and the /etc/init.d/motion stratup script.

motion 1 zoneminder 0

So, after messing around with ZoneMinder for a few weeks, I finally gave up. I then decided to try out motion instead, which I had heard a lot about, but largely ignored because it didn't have a fancy website or nice looking web GUI. Oh how wrong I was. Motion is so much better than … Continue reading motion 1 zoneminder 0

Open source programming sketchpad reaches version 1

Processing is an awesome open source programming language and sketchpad that allows you to write graphical and audio applications, as well as other tools. It has been embraced by the artistic programming community and has spawned countless beautiful and interesting images and videos. After what seems like an eternity in beta, is has finally reached … Continue reading Open source programming sketchpad reaches version 1