Whenever I wish to install and use the rather excellent video and audio transcode programs ffmpeg and x264 I have used FakeOutdoorsman’s excellent How To from the Ubuntu Forums. However, constantly typing out all the commands, especially when updating, is a pain in the arse.

I thus decided, with FakeOutdoorsman’s permission, to write some scripts to automate the task. They are, I hope, fairly comprehensive and allow a user to build and install the latest version of ffmpeg and x264, from source for Ubuntu Hardy, Intrepid, Jaunty, Karmic and Lucid. They allow this to be done automatically, after a few questions have been answered.

There are four scripts in total, one for the initial install, one for keeping everything up-to-date, one to reverse the changes with minimal impact and one to completely reverse all changes (this one I recommend no-one using, hence it is depreciated, but it is there in case some one wants it).

I am certainly not the best at bash, but I have done lots of Googling and I think the script is fairly robust, though I am sure there are errors.

I will be adding to the script over time, adding new features, combining things, adding better error checking etc, so for now consider them BETA releases. They have been tested on Lucid and Karmic only, but they appeared to work.

Please submit any questions here or at the project hosting page.

So, where are the files?

You can get all the scripts here:


Have fun!


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